The name of this blog is “Almost Brie”

The name is a tip. You see it’s hard for most people to remember names, so you have to give new acquaintances something to remember you by. And, since my name is Bri and I come from a family of cheese buffs, Brie cheese became my meet-and-greet tagline.

“Hello. My name is Bri. Like the cheese.” It works because most people like cheese, even if they happen to be lactose intolerant (which I am). People also love irony.

Now that I’ve tricked you into remembering my name, I can tell you the important stuff. I’m 24. An INFJ. Spokane, WA is my hometown. Beverly, MA is my place of “emerging adulthood”. I have a cat named after Curious George. I’m new to blogging, hence the three(ish) blog posts.

Ultimately, I want to become a notable linguistic anthropologist so that I’m called upon to communicate with aliens when they come to earth in a black, oblong, pendant-like spacecraft and want to teach us the secrets of time.

Or train my cat, George, to peel a banana.

Both have the potential to go down in history.






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